CollectStream: Empowering Revenue & Care

CollectStream: your door into clear and straightforward payments

CollectStream supports various EHR systems, making payments data consistent thoroughout your software. Secure and fast payments by card, check, or cash will make your office run easier, and patients happier. Patient Portal allows your patients to pay from home and to stay up to date with their payment plans and appointments.


Start collecting payments without hassle
and offering your costumers additional service



CollectStream boosts your revenue by allowing you to accept and track payments, create payment plans, and automatically bill your patients. Keep your patients happy by making payments as user friendly as possible.

CollectStream saves your staff's time by integrating with your favorite EHR solution, and it allows your patients to pay from anywhere.

  • Accept payments done by check, card or cash
  • Integrate with your EHR system
  • Keep your patients informed
  • Generate automatic payment plans
  • Collect payments automatically
  • Patient Portal accepts payments done from anywhere
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Collect payments comfortably
while your patients stay informed

Patient Portal

Boost your revenue with fast and efficient payments

Payments done with credit cards, check, or in cash are accepted. CollectStream supports VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, and Discover.

Integrate with EHR

Save time by pulling patient data from your EHR system when needed.

Collect payments automatically

Create payment plans and charge your patients automatically

Keep patients informed with Patient Portal

Allow you patients to make payments from anywhere

Ideal for medical practices

Whether you have a small office or a network of offices spread among a variety of locations, CollectStream will be your ideal payment solution. Use the same system across all locations to keep track of financial operations and to stay informed. CollectStream is HIPAA compliant, so it saves you from having to protect patient data during payment transactions.

Save your staff's time: integrate with your medical management software so they don't have to repeat the same work. Integration with your management software is the best way to safely keep all information regarding your patients and their payments. Enter information in your EHR system as usual, and process payments in CollectStream with its broad functionality. CollectStream supports one-way and two-way integration depending on the sofware product you use.

Keep your clients happy with Patient Portal

Use Patient Portal to stay connected with your clients. This web solution powers your clients with 24/7 access to their payment history. It also allows them to check their appointments and to make online payments with their credit cards. Patients can pay wherever and whenever they can find time - there is no need to show up in person to pay dues. Patient Portal automatically generates and e-mails payment statements so that you and your patients can be sure that everything went well with their payments.

Increase your revenue with payment plans

Split payments into appropriate chunks and collect them automatically with CollectStream. When the time comes for the next payment, the patient's credit card will be charged accordingly. You and your patient will receive payment statements and receipts. Save your staff's and patient's time with fast, secure, and easy payments.

One solution to many processes

Eliminate payment queues in your office and reduce your staff's paperwork and waiting time. Keep your data consistent and up to date effortlessly, leaving more room for top service that will impress your patients and keep them coming back.


Collect payments securely
Integrate CollectStream with your EHR

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CollectStream is built using best-in-class security measures. Our infrastructure has been architected to be one of the most flexible and secure environments available today. It provides an extremely scalable, highly reliable platform that enables our partners to deploy data quickly and securely.

Platform and policy tenets

To help you keep your data secure, we provide a wide variety of security features and tools. Our key platform and policy tenets include:

  • HIPAA complaint
  • PCI compliant
  • Information Security
  • Full encryption at multiple layers for data at-rest and data in-transit, including databases and/or files
  • Tiered network architecture with multiple firewalls between each tier
  • Secure architecture
  • Secure data integration
  • Extensive logging and audits to ensure ongoing security

Patient authentication and website security

Patients who access and pay their bills through CollectStream Patient portal are required to log in before accessing private information. These security features include:

  • Daily vulnerability scanning
  • Online seal displaying up-to-date security status
  • Extensive logging and audits to ensure ongoing security

Back office security

CollectStream provides numerous features to ensure the security of the Back Office interface. Below are our key security features:

  • SSL Encryption using 2048-bit RSA and SHA-256 key lengths
  • SSO authentication for secure and seamless integration with provider’s Health Information system
  • Role based access defining different roles for users. For example, an accounting user has access to bank information only and an Revenue Cycle Management department user has access to patient information.
  • Automatic log-out after a defined inactivity time
  • Audit logs of system usage

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some frequently asked questions

Which payment methods are supported by CollectStream?

CollectStream accepts payments in cash, by check or credit/debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, DISCOVER)

Which EHR products are supported by CollectStream?

CollectStream works with the following products: Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Eaglesoft15, OpenDental, OrthoTrac, EClinicalWorks, EasyDental, PracticeWorks ImsEvo

Is CollectStream HIPAA compliant?


How do patients register on Patient Portal?

Your patients provide you with their emails, which are securely stored in CollectStream database. To register on Patient Portal patients need to enter the email they gave you and follow the instructions.

Which OS/browsers are supported?

CollectStream and Patient Portal work in all modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer, starting from IE9

Can I see history of transactions for any patient?

Yes, you can do this in CollectStream, and patients can do the same in their Patient Portal accounts.

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